Musical awakening Etterbeek, Bruxelles

This course is for children aged 4 to 7. Through playing and learning children’s songs, we will gently approach different musical concepts. Such as the duration, pitch and intensity of the sound, the name of the notes, rhythm …

Children will be able to discover and experience the different families of instruments through direct practice or through interactive games.
This class provides a good introduction to music and will stimulate your child’s interest and creativity.


Time slots


Before 4pm and after 7pm


"A la carte" lessons 

Before 4pm and after 7pm


Quarterly subscription (10 fixed lessons per term) 

Between 4pm and 7pm and on Wednesday between 12pm and 7 pm

27€/half an hour** or 54€/hour

Quarterly subscription (12 or 13 fixed lessons per term depending on the school calendar) 

* No fees will be charged for cancellations before 24 hours, but any course canceled within 24 hours will be due.

** Recommended for young children.




The lessons are given at my home in Etterbeek, in the district of La Chasse (Tram 81 or bus 34, stop “La Chasse”)